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What You Need to Know Before Going ‘Barbie Blonde’

Thanks to pop-culture mega icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton, Hollywood-blonde hair has always been seen as a glamorous, confident colour for individuals who know what they want.

This summer’s standout hit Barbie movie has seen a certain iconic doll dominate the fashion pages with a flurry of bubblegum pink and fun-filled frills. And now the doll’s trademark head-turning platinum blonde tresses have filtered down into mainstream culture too as people strive to recreate Margot Robbie’s iconic Barbie blonde look.

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Going Barbie Blonde

While this trend may surprise those of you who have spent what feels like a lifetime drenching your hair in purple brightening shampoo and different toners in order to avoid any ‘tobacco yellow’ tinges, those with their finger on the pulse in the world of celebrity hair trends may have seen it coming.

Unlike the icy, platinum blondes of last year, Barbie blonde has a warm, slightly creamy, buttery undertone that’s bright and beautiful. Alongside offering up a colour refresh, it can be a vibe shift, too. Blondes can help you feel lighter and lifted, and a bright colour can have a really uplifting, mood-boosting effect.

Before taking the plunge and going Barbie blonde yourself, have a read of our guide to obtaining that bright, platinum Barbie blonde hair that you’ve always dreamed about, without sacrificing the health of your hair…Barbie Blonde hair





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How to Get Barbie Blonde Hair

1. It Takes Patience

Going Barbie blonde can be labour-intensive. It’s important to make sure your hair is lifted gently and slowly to obtain the hair health and ensure that you’re not left with straw-like, damaged hair. This look cannot be achieved overnight, especially if your hair is darker or has been coloured previously. Because of this, you’ll need to find a hair stylist who understands that staggering the colouring process is key to achieving that striking platinum blonde healthy shine. A good stylist will help you determine whether it’s possible for you to go platinum-blonde safely, or recommend the best Barbie-esque shade to suit you instead. It might take several appointments and many hours in the chair to lift your hair to the desired shade and is definitely not something that can be done well, quickly.

2. It Takes Dedication

The blonder you go, the more upkeep your hair will need to keep it looking fabulous. Barbie’s trademark platinum blonde will need to be touched up regularly to maintain this bright colour. It’s important to regularly tone your blonde locks to stop  them looking ‘cheap’ and to maintain that supreme salon-quality. We recommend visiting your stylist for a refresh every 4-6 weeks to maintain your Hollywood blonde.

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3. It Takes an Experienced Colourist

There are many different techniques to achieving the perfect Barbie blonde. Creating a root shadow around the root area is a low-maintenance blonde look that’s trending right now. Using a skilled, experienced hair colourist who genuinely cares about the condition of your hair will guarantee the very best results. Whilst  bleaching your hair to achieve Barbie blonde will inevitably cause some dryness and damage, especially if your hair is dark or coarse, using a top quality salon like David & David ensures you’ll get the best advice, the best quality hair products, and the best aftercare advice. Definitely DO NOT try to achieve platinum blonde at home. We often get clients come to us for help after trying a home bleach, and once the damage is done its very difficult to correct dry, brittle, orange-toned hair! Make that appointment and know that you’re in the very best hands from the outset.

4. It Takes Upkeep

Whilst some believe that letting your roots grow out further to leave longer between colouring sessions will minimise the damage, actually the opposite is true. In order to keep your hair colour perfectly even and consistent, you want fairly minimal root grow-out, ideally less than an inch. If you wait too long between touch-ups, you risk getting a ‘band’ of slightly different shades of blonde around your head, which will require a full-on, all-over bleach job to correct. And that is where the damage can occur.

5. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

If you are lightening your hair then you need to replace the moisture that bleach will inevitably remove. Here at David & David we have been huge fans of Olaplex treatments for a while now. This ground-breaking technology can be applied while colouring right at the foil stage to allow the achievement of lighter blondes without breakage. It protects the hair bonds and so removes the risk of damaging the hair which colourists previously feared with dramatic chemical colour changes! Olaplex actually re-builds broken bonds in the hair, returning your hair to the lustrous, full and healthy hair you were born with. We also have an awesome new range of hair products in the salon by ColorWow. Their colour-correcting purple toning and styling foam will ensure your bright blonde locks retain that gorgeous colour at home with no brassiness, no frizz and no mess.

Sleek, sophisticated blonde shades will help you get that glam look, and make sure heads turn. Before you go full Barbie, remember that it’s important to understand that this colour is best suited to people who have a naturally quite light base colour. It’s a strong, statement look and therefore it is advised to go for a consultation with your colourist before making an informed decision.

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If you’re looking for a Barbie-esque colour transformation, book a free consultation with one of our expert stylist and get the advice you need to make a decision for healthy, fabulous hair.

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