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Short or Long? How to Decide What Length Will Work for You

It can be a tricky decision choosing between a short or long hair style. Your face shape, the texture of your hair and your lifestyle are all important factors when considering the best hair length for you. Here at David & David we take pride in working with each and every client to ensure that whatever length of hair you choose, we create a unique style which works for you. We treat each and every client as an individual and take time to listen to your wishes so that you bounce out of the salon feeling utterly fabulous every single time.

Are you debating about cutting your long hair and finally committing to a shorter hair style? Do you have short hair but are considering growing it out? This blog post is for you!

The Pros and Cons of Long Hair

Lots of our clients have long hair and have done so for many years. It’s a seemingly easy option, and many people with long hair  enjoy low maintenance and the fact that it is versatile enough to enable them to create different looks depending on their day. However, looking at the pros and cons of a long hairstyle is important when considering whether to keep the long hair you’ve loved for years or not…

long hair styles

THE Pros of long hair

  • Lower maintenance. You can simply throw it up in a bun and you’re set for the day
  • Less frequent hair cuts (also see ‘cons’)
  • You can choose to wear it in plaits, buns, topknots, waves, curls, poker straight… the options are endless and can be adapted to suit your mood
  • Long hair can be easily changed and updated with colouring or the addition of a fringe/layers
  • Longer styles always seem to be on trend and have never really gone out of fashion
  • Whether you’re male, female, old or young, long hair can suit anyone and celebrates your individuality

THE Cons of Long Hair

  • Long hair can look straggly and unkempt if you don’t keep up regular trims
  • You will need to use more shampoo and conditioner than with shorter styles
  • It takes longer to blow dry long hair which can cause heat damage
  • It can shed if not looked after properly, blocking your sink and filling your brush
  • Split ends!
  • Long hair can look outdated or messy if you don’t look after it properly

The Pros and Cons of Short Hair

Short hair can make a style statement and beautifully frame the face, giving you a feeling of empowerment and freedom. Short hair styles are supremely versatile and ‘short hair’ doesn’t just have to mean a short pixie crop; bobs, shoulder-length dos, lobs and textured shorter hair styles can all come under the banner of ‘short hair’ and can work beautifully on all manner of face shapes.

short hair inspiration


THE Pros of Short hair

  • Short hair usually looks in better condition as it has regular cuts to keep the shape and style
  • Those with short hair find that it is quicker to wash and style, taking less time in the mornings to look ‘made’
  • Shorter hair can look more stylish and modern
  • Short hair isn’t weighed down like long hair can sometimes be, so shorter styles can look fuller and more voluminous
  • Less hair = less products! Short styles require less shampoo and conditioner so are kinder on the pocket
  • Cutting off significant length from your hair can remove damage previously caused by heat/colour and give you a fresh new canvas to ‘start again’
  • Shorter hair styles are often easier to manage if you are sporty, active or work in an industrial environment. Shorter dos are also cooler in summer!
  • Short hair looks good on curly, wavy or straight hair and can work on any hair type

THE CONS of Short hair

  • You actually have to style it in the morning as opposed to just tossing it up in a ponytail
  • More frequent trims are needed to keep your style looking sharp
  • Although you’ll use less shampoo, you may need to wash it more often to stop oil and product build-up
  • Once you’ve plucked up the courage for that big chop, there’s no going back! Short hairstyles take a while to grow out so be sure before you make the decision to go short
  • Short hair means limited styling options – no long braids, long-pony, big top knot or curls if your hair is really short

Should I Cut My Curly Hair Short?

Curly hair can look amazing in a shorter style, especially if the cut is done right. Cutting curly hair will not make it curlier, but could help enhance your natural curl pattern. Whilst it’s true that cutting your curls can make them appear bouncier and springier, your final results will still come down to your unique curl type and how your hair is cut.

If you’re a follower of David & David Hair Salon, you’ll know that we are the South West curly hair specialists and clients come to us from miles around to benefit from our curly hair expertise. Many curly clients ask us whether cutting their hair short will help their curls to bounce and give their curly hair more shape. It takes a skilled hairdresser to successfully cut layers or other haircuts in curly hair. When we cut curls, each curl is cut individually and normally at an angle so as to not disrupt the curl pattern. If choosing a short curly cut, before you take the plunge be sure that your hair stylist knows the curly girl hair method and that they are able to cut the curls where they naturally sit to ensure a beautiful end result.

Unlike straight-haired clients who may visit the salon every 4-6 weeks, the slow-growing nature of curly hair means that curly clients usually only need to visit the salon 2-4 times per year and so a shorter haircut might be a great option for curly haired clients looking for a style update.

mid length bob

Which Length hairstyle Works for Me?

So now we have looked at the pros and cons of short and long hair, how do you decide which style works best for you?  A shaggy medium length bob (see image above) can work wonders for those who like the flexibility of long hair but want a modern update, whilst a striking pixie crop can really define your features and give you a new zest for life. Boho babes who love the soft romantic look can opt for long tresses, whilst gents looking for a statement style can grow their hair out and celebrate their mane. But what else should you consider before choosing the perfect hair length for you?

  • Face Shape

    Certain haircuts are more flattering on certain face shapes so it’s essential to identify which one is right for you before you commit to a new length.  Every face shape is beautiful, and you want to determine what hairstyle might suit your face shape so that you can flaunt your best features. For example, layers have the advantage of adding height and volume to your facial shape which can be flattering, especially on people who have prominent cheekbones. Chat to your stylist to discuss what style might work best for you and your face shape.

  • Hair Type

    Your hair type plays a major role in how long or short to wear your hair. Those with fine hair can really pull of a sleek bob with the addition of layers and slight, piecey waves to add some oomph. Cropped pixie cuts also work well for fine hair, add a fringe for extra face framing. Those with thick wavy hair will look incredible with a mid-length textured bob – the natural wave will add movement and make it look fuller and healthier. Tight Afro curls can look amazingly striking if cropped short, whilst fringed bobs can also celebrate Afro curls beautifully.

long hair for men

  •  LIfestyle and Personality

    If you’re a busy parent with not much time for styling, then choosing a short hairstyle might mean less drying time. You can use texturing products to help you to look ‘finished’ without the need for blow drying so it saves you time in the morning rush! Others find that the ease of a messy ‘mum bun’ is all they have time for in the morning, it really depends on the individual, the style, and type of hair. Sometimes, all you need is a certain personality to flaunt a certain hairstyle. Pick a hairstyle that works well with your persona. You will be surprised how well you can pull off a look that you never thought of sporting and how it gives you a new confidence.

Whichever hairstyle you choose, long or short, make sure that you choose a salon with stylists that you trust. Here at David & David Hair Salon in Plymouth the incredibly talented team of stylists are passionate, creative and take pride in their craft. Making clients look and feel fabulous is what drives us, no matter what style you choose!

Get in touch today and let us transform you and your hair – you won’t regret it.


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