6 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair You Need to Start Right Now

As we side-step pavement puddles and pull up our coats tighter to protect from the lashing wind and rain outside, we are more aware than ever that winter is well and truly here! When winter arrives, many of us take extra precautions to protect our health by upping the doses of vitamin C, eating wholesome warming food, and hunkering down as the weather whirls outside. But what do extra measures do we take to protect our hair?

During winter months, winter hair care can often be forgotten and as a result dryness, static, frizz, and general lack of that luscious, smooth, shiny summer hair is all too common. Many of us don’t consider the harmful effects that the constant changes between cold weather and indoor heating can have upon our tresses.

So how can you minimise damage and protect your hair during winter? We’ve put together these top winter hair care tips to help you keep your mane in tip top condition all winter long…

winter hair care tips

6 Top Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

1) Never Leave Home With Wet Hair

Even if it is a (bad!) habit which you usually do during warmer weather, in winter it is even more important to protect your fragile hair strands from the elements. Anything that is cold expands, and this is what can happen to your wet hair shaft in colder weather, causing damage. You hair is at its most fragile when it is wet and in winter it will take much longer to dry naturally outside, which leaves it vulnerable to breakage. If you must let it dry naturally, try to do it while you’re indoors (and apply a few drops of a good hair oil first), but we advise adding an extra few minutes to your daily hair care routine to make sure you blowdry it with a good quality hair dryer for optimum winter protection.

2) Keep Hair Hydrated

Going from the warm indoors to the cold outside constantly can wreak havoc on your hair and leave it dehydrated, dry and frazzled. In winter it’s a good idea to up your hair care routine by adopting a regular rich moisturising conditioning treatment. Once a week, you should baby your hair and indulge it: slather conditioner on and take 30 minutes for the moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft. Or better still, pop in to the salon for a regular deep conditioning treatment! We use Olaplex here in the salon and those who have used it will know its revolutionary powers and how it can bring back to life even the most lifeless of hair. It actually re-builds broken bonds in the hair, returning your hair to the lustrous, full and healthy hair you were born with – even in winter.

3) Go Darker

Platinum blonde is an ever-popular head turner which will never go out of fashion, but you can’t deny that all that bleaching takes its toll on hair, leaving it parched and in need of some nourishment. By going a few shades darker during winter months it gives your hair a rest from chemical colouring and time to heal before summertime comes and you crave that gorgeous lemony blonde again. Deep chocolate shades look modern and healthy, giving your hair effortless shine and a deeply delicious tone. Consider applying a semi-permanent darker hue until the weather is kinder and you won’t regret it.

brunette hair in winter

4) Line Your Bobble Hat With Silk or Satin

Sounds a little ‘extra’, we agree (!) but wool, cotton and other coarse fabrics can really interfere with your hair and cause split ends, especially for those with curly hair! Warm fitted hats can trap oils at the root, leaving the ends dry and prone to damage. While cotton and wool may feel soft to the touch, its weave actually grips and tugs at individual hair strands, causing breakage (which is also why we also recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night!). It’s easy to line bobble hats with silk- just cut an old silk scarf or shirt to size and sew into your hat, easy. On arrival at your destination when you remove the silk-lined woolen hat your hair will be sleek and glossy rather than flat and flyaway – winter magic!

5) Use Less Heat

This is a good tip for all year round, not just a winter hair care tip. Hair tools like straighteners, curling wands, too-hot hairdryers and such like can all wreak damage upon fragile hair and leave your ends splitting like crazy. Try putting your hair in plaits or a bun some days; the insulating effect of hair wrapping around itself will really protect hair from the elements and give it a day off from styling damage.

plaited hair to protect

6) Stay Hydrated

Did you know that a single hair strand is made up of 25% water? Staying hydrated is good advice anyway for general health and well-being, but hydration starts from within so drinking lots of water will mean your hair will be more energised and encourage healthy hair from root to tip. Staying hydrated helps prevent split ends and brittle hair, fostering shiny, radiant hair so take that (plastic-free) water bottle with you wherever you go this winter.

Do you suffer from damaged hair in the winter? If so, then pop in to the salon for a free consultation and let us give you our top tips and professional cut, colour and hair care advice to make you glow from the inside out and feel fabulous all winter long. Just get in touch with us here at our Plymouth city centre hair salon and we’ll have a nice warm David & David welcome ready for you! Stay cosy 🙂