Grey Hair is Having its Moment – and People (of All Ages) are Loving It!

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kelly Osbourne have dyed their hair grey in the past but recently, more and more people are hopping on the grey hair dye train. “Mushroom blonde” (a glossy greige shade) has skyrocketed on Pinterest, with the search site noticing a 308% spike in users looking for the shade (the biggest of any other hair shade this year). 

What started as a popular hair colour on Pinterest grew to be one of the most sought-after beauty trends on Instagram and the grey hair trend is now stronger than ever, with over 10,000 people in the UK alone searching for ‘grey hair dye’ each month!

Cool grey looks like it’s going to be the colour of the summer and people are either embracing their natural greying hair or choosing grey hair dye to stay ahead of the trend pack. So sleek, so shiny, so sexy – and we have to say, we love it! 

Owning Those Natural Silvery Strands 

Many people are shy of showing off their first grey hairs and attempt to cover them up with permanent dyes. Whether salt & pepper-y, silvery or ashen, your natural shade of grey may be both chic and flattering so why not try to let yourself go au naturale? Even aside from it being the hottest hair colour of the season, showing off your silver locks with pride and magnificence can be incredibly empowering! 

Caring for Grey Hair

If embracing your natural grey hair then it’s important to remember that grey hair can seem coarser because when you have grey hair the oil glands in the scalp produce less sebum, which will result in drier and tougher, textured hair.  With age, hair loses density, shine and pigment—and is thus more fragile and sensitive to the sun’s rays – so it’s crucial that you properly care for and protect your grey hair to ensure that it stays glossy and strong. 
White and grey hair is also more likely to oxidise, which sometimes leads to a yellowing effect which can make it look tarnished.

Because of these traits of naturally grey hair, it’s necessary to add moisture to your hair care routine through a deep conditioner, a shampoo, or your styling products. Here at David & David we use Keune Silver Saviour shampoo which cancels out any yellow tones keeping your greys on the cool/white side. The powerful purple pigments tone and cool, provitamin B5 softens and plumps, and wheat proteins strengthen and thicken to make sure that your natural grey hair stays silvery and shines bright. This grey shampoo and conditioner range by Keune also works great after a lightening/blonde hair dye treatment to keep your colour looking bright. 

Rocking the Dyed Grey Hair Trend

Grey hair isn’t always earned by having a full and active life – lots of fashionistas are choosing to dye their hair grey to make a hot style statement for the summer. The juxtaposition of a young face with ‘old’ hair makes a striking and fun look for men and women alike! Just search the hashtag #grannyhair and you’ll see what we mean…

Unless you have a naturally light-blond hair colour, going grey means bleaching your hair to strip out the colour before dyeing your hair. Bleaching your hair means there’s a potential for some breakage and damage, so we recommend using an Olaplex treatment which nourishes each individual hair strand and permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during chemical processes. If you’re looking for more fashion-forward effect,why not choose a grey root gloss but leave the ends lighter and brighter- the grey version of the ‘ombre’.  

Dyeing your hair grey to embrace the current trend of the season can give you a really fresh update for summer and make you look utterly fabulous. From silver blondes to shimmering greys, metallic hair hues that will convince you to reach for that silver hair dye and embrace your inner Daenerys Targaryen.

Take a look at these grey hairstyles making silvery waves this summer and let us know your favourites. Will you be inspired to go grey this season!?

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